Paleo Diet Weight Loss Update | 30 Day Results




Paleo Diet Weight Loss Update | 30 Day Results My paleo diet was going well until I decided to 'loosen up' a bit and have some air popped popcorn. I figured it had fiber, antioxidants, and was a fairly clean food to indulge in. Well, I am still paying for it. My gut is so unhappy right now! For the next few weeks, I'll return to being more strict about what I eat and sticking to fruits, vegetables, fish and other meats, nuts, etc. This has been a hard lesson for me. Next time I decide to indulge, I'll try a smaller amount and stay away from corn! I used to have popcorn as weekly treat (I was grain free, dairy free, and refined sugar free all last summer and fall with the exception of popcorn on the weekends). As you might know from my channel, I went adopted a horrible diet through the holidays and the start of winter but I'm working on cleaning up my eating and nutrition so I can be healthy again. If you are looking to learn more about the paleo diet, this is an awesome breakdown (one of the best I have seen... although I would have liked to see more emphasis on the importance of high quality meat and knowing where it came from): Here are some of my favorite recipes I've been enjoying: Be sure to check out my channel and subscribe for other weight loss updates, skin care advice, healthy recipes, and more: Thanks for watching and let me know if you've ever tried the paleo diet and what kind of results you had!